Good-bye 2009!

Hard to believe the year is almost over!

It has been an amazing year for gigs and shows not to mention the birth of my daughter Paisley……

I dropped by Joby Bakers studio the other night to hear some of my good friend Tom Landa‘s new material.  Of course it sounded amazing and Joby had some killin’ drum parts.  Reinforced my opinion about not having a hole in the front of the bass drum. Hey if it was good enough for John Bonham 🙂 And when Tom sings in spanish it really is magical….

Tonight I am down at Swan’s with the Sutcliffes. It is raining pretty hard right now but I am really hoping to ride my bike to the gig…….

Anyways my hope is to keep this moving along and post some interesting stuff each week…… Happy New Year!!!