Top Five Picks for Jazzfest 2010…

Well since I was 14 years old I have been going to the Victoria Jazzfest to check out some amazing groups…… I can remember so many great shows – local super-star Josh Dixon playing “Milestones” with Ross Bottons group in Market Square to Max Roach and Son Ra……. So many inspiring moments. My friends and I used to save up our cash and come down and see some of the greatest players travelling the globe.

This year there are some serious percussion players coming to town and some of the shows are free….. Here are some of the players I think you will not want to miss. This is in order of appearance and is by no means meant to be a complete list 🙂

1) Sat, June 26 4:30 – Centennial Square – Rich Brown’s -rinsethealgorithm – Larnell Lewis -Drums – Larnell is one of Toronto’s rising drum mega-stars- Don’t miss this one!! Here is a clip of him playing some V-drums….


3) Sat, June 26Joshua Redman – Royal Theatre – Eric Harland  -Drums – I believe Eric to be one of the greatest living drummers….. Wan’t proof?? Check out Jacky Terrasen’s “Smile” album…. Here is a good solo clip…

4) Sat, June 26- Terry Clarke Trio- Terry is a canadian stalwart and if you haven’t seen him play drums now is your chance….

5) Monday June 28, John Scofield – After playing with Miles Davis he has always had the best rhythm sections backing him up…. Extra special New Orleans flavor for this show……

There are a number of other great shows going on and lots of  clinics and free concerts so check them out…….

I will be playing with my trio at noon at the Bay Centre on June 30th as well as shows with:

Peter Jones Trio on June 28, 12:30 at Centennial Square

Bria Sconberg Quartet June 30/July 1 Hotel Grand Pacific – 9:30pm

Bria Skonberg July 1 – 3:15 at Centennial Square

This really is a fantastic opportunity to catch many of the best players on the world scene so don’t miss out 🙂