Brushes… Brushes…. Brushes….

Well just in case I didn’t make that clear we are going to look at some brush technique. I have always had a fascination with brush playing. As anyone who has ever tried to teach it knows it is really hard to notate and is in my opinion the most personalized form of drumming there is. When you talk brush styles you talk about individuals. If you have time to find these you won’t be left short changed… my favorite brush tracks would be:

Philly “Joe” Jones -playing on Miles Davis’s  “Milestones” album… The track is “Billy Boy” and I triple double dog dare you not to like it!!

Billy Higgins – playing on Pat Metheny’s “Rejoicing” album… “Lonely Woman” is the track…. Brushes and rivets…. Like Lobster and Butter….

Max Roach – from his album “Deeds, Not Words” – on “there will never be another you” Max plays some killer brushes…. This is the first jazz album I bought… Mind you it was a tape but it did stear me in the right direction…

Gene Krupa – “Wire Brush Stomp” from the album “Drummin Man”…. The first jazz CD I bought….. Wait the first CD I bought. Grennan’s records in Parksville had a limited selection of Jazz albums and luckily this was the one Gene Krupa disk they had….. Quincy Jones produced it and you will not hear a finer example of how great a big band can sound.

Elvin Jones – “Sweet Little Maia” from his “Picking Up The Pieces” album….. If you thought brushes were wimpy check your head!!

Buddy Deppenschmidt and Bill Reichenbachplaying on Stan Getz’s –“Jazz Samba” album…It is the only jazz album to have reached the top place in the Billboard chart.  My advice is that you are going to play this groove a lot so you better learn it…. Oh yeah and it kills too!! Double drummers…..

Kenny Washington – his brush work on Bill Charlap’s “Written in The Stars” album is crazy…. Check out “In The Still Of The Night”…. Ouch….

Okay I have to stop…. It is getting late (early) and I have to get some rest…. Here are some inspirational clips from Lewis Nash that are super deluxe…