What can you say that hasn’t been said about this master and forefather of everything we now call jazz…. I stumbled upon this the other day right when I was in need of some inspiration. The drummer on this is Sam Woodyard, a master of groove and innovation. He can let rip and play quieter than a tear drop. Both push a band and create textures. Some of the most fun I have had on the drums is trying to do what he does here.

If you want info on Duke CLICK HERE or an amazing list of his compositions at the songwriters hall of fame (caution you can spend a lot of time here) CLICK HERE. Info on Sam CLICK HERE.

On my first album “Digs” I recorded a tribute to Sam Woodyard and Jimmy Johnson called “Johnson’s Woodyard”. So many of the things I do come from a great song called “Duel Fuel Parts 1,2, and 4” (would love to hear part 3!) that was included in a drummer compilation CD I got when I was a teenager. A short while after I released the album in 2000 I got an email from Sam’s son after he found me while searching his Dad’s name. Small world….

Now on to the good stuff…. It is over an hour of music so get a cold beverage, popcorn and a hanky…