The Biz… The Music….


Well it is a month into the school term and things are really moving.

I started September off by celebrating my 40th year on the planet!!! Yikes!!

Anyways there is nothing like working with the youngin’s to make you feel old… at the same time giving back is a tremendous reward and honor that I am really loving.

One of my many teaching gigs involves a business of music class at the VCM. (Victoria Conservatory Of Music) It is a great group of students and we are cutting into a very hefty subject.

To help with some of the heavy lifting I brought in my friend Chris Frye.


If you have been lucky enough to hear Chris you know he is a monstrous musician and performer -his work with The Bills ( and his own solo work ( is some of the best music to come out of the west coast. As a songwriter he commands the listener with poignant lyrics and melodies that can haunt and soothe. His song “Let Go” is one of my favorite tunes ever -both to perform and listen too.


When I first took on this course Chris was the first person I thought of as a guest speaker. He has a thurough knowledge of touring, organizing musicians and navigating the tumultuous waters of the music biz.


His talk was filled with his great sense humour and some valuable insights into this business called music… Thanks Chris!!