CBC interview and The Hi-Fi

If you are a fan of CBC’s “Hot Air” program tune in Saturday and listen to host Margaret Gallagher and myself as we listen to tracks off of the new Hi-Fi EP –“Coffee and Candy” as well as some other classic jazz tunes that have inspired me over the years. I don’t think I made to big of a fool of myself. The last time I was on air with Margaret I called her Michelle and then promptly forgot how to play the Ukulele and sing at the same time. All in front of a sold-out crowd at the opening of a new CBC station in Kamloops. Well it couldn’t have be to bad cause they asked me back so tune in if you have a chance. The show airs at 5:05pm -May 10th. 

All of this is for our upcoming show at Hermann’s May 17th. If you can make it down you will have a great time and if you are busy with long weekend plans tune into the CBC this weekend to check out some of our new material. The Hi-Fi is a really fun band and if you you only have half as much fun as we have on stage you will be twice as happy as a third of the people who aren’t even there most of the time. 🙂


Oh and here is some footage from our performance at the 2013 TD Victoria JazzfestRyan Tandy on bass, Nick LaRivierre on trombone and Art Booker on piano… Oh and me on tambourine.