For the past three weeks I have been involved in a Blue Bridge Theatre musical production called Judy!

It is a play based on the life of Judy Garland and features some great music and a killer band with Jan Stirling on piano, Brendan McGuigan on bass and Matt McLean on Trumpet and Synth. Tracey Moore is the lead in what has turned out to be a roller coaster ride. Rehearsals were set back as the cast lead backed out 6 weeks before opening! Tracey stepped in and has managed to make an incredible performance with a short amount of prep. time.

When I arrived Al Vance had just begun scoring the music!!! A musical with out music? I now call Al “The man who brought music back to musicals.”

Despite the precarious start the opening night was amazing due to the incredible abilities of the folks on and off stage. Blue Bridge has an incredible team and it has been such a pleasure working with them.

Anyways If you want to see a very sad life scored to some beautiful much come check out the fun. Oh and I get to play my 1930’s Radio Kings 🙂