Triple Trio Insanity!

Wow sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it…. Actually it is more of a story about greed. I just love playing with great musicians so when the opportunity came to get everyone together for one night I booked it.

Anyways enough preamble. We will be doing a show at Hermann’s with three great piano trios. Evan Crofton is an amazing young pianist who I first got to know when he was 18. He was killing it then and a number of years in Montreal have only strengthened his musicianship. Peter Jones is an monster musician whether it’s on the piano, bass, trombone or singing he never ceases to amaze me. We will do some material that we recorded for his album. Ryan Tandy will be holding down the bass chair in all the groups. Good thing he is young and energetic! Nick La Riviere will stopping in at the end to play some trombone. And hopefully some other special guests.

We will play couple tunes from everyones repertoire and since each group has the same rhythm section the change overs should be really fast…… That last part makes me laugh for some reason.

So please come down and get cozy with us the night before New Years!

Triple Trio At Hermanns