Ah fresh (..ish) Christmas music!!!

Well I made this album with some friends back in an ancient time known as the ’90’s. I finally got it put up on iTunes and then promptly forgot to tell anyone about it. Ah drummers. So useful on the band stand. Not so much off the bandstand 🙂

Anyways if your season isn’t going well perhaps it is your playlist? Named after a famed Nanaimo street, A Nicol Street Christmas III has over 30 Vancouver Island musicians including David Gogo, Paul Laine, Todd Sacerty, Michael Patrick, Pat Steward, Doug Elliot, Gary Comeau, Gerry Barnum, Pierre Komen, Lindsay Martell, Jason Jackson, Camille Miller, Chad Geekie, Marc Robichaud, Mark Bottomlee, Tina Jones and a bunch of folks I am probably forgetting. It was a lot of fun to do and brings back so many good memories. There is a very wide range of music and was a fun way to bring together all of the different artists I was working with at the time.

Click on this link to check it out on iTunes. Share the news with your friends, tweet it, Facebook it.. or just listen to it…


Either way enjoy the holiday season!!

As my daughter says “It’s about being with each other.”

Lovely Vancouver Island Christmas Music...

Lovely Vancouver Island Christmas Music…