Hifi + Hermann’s = :)

Some times you work in a place that you love and some times you wish it would burn to the ground. Ironically the place I am working at this weekend (Hermann’s Jazz Club) burnt down before. Twice actually. The greatest mystery to me was not how that happened but where they found the same crazy carpet to restore the place. I mean it is seriously 1976 vintage flooring and in my mind I often imagined that Hermann had a big stock pile of it in a “U-Store-It” type locker.

Anyways I was actually trying to say that Hermann’s is a place I love working at.  The audience is there only to hear music. The staff are great. The location is perfect. It isn’t pretentious. And well I already mentioned the carpet.

If you want to hear a really good band (maybe you just want to stop looking for the answers, to all your problems, on the internet for a few hours) I will be playing with a stellar band this weekend at Hermann’s Jazz Club called the HiFi. Basically improvised funk with some banter in-between songs.

Show is at 8pm and reservations are a really good idea.

Hope to see you there!!the-HIFI-hermannsmayjan8-9.jpg