New Hifi EP…

Last year was a really busy recording year for me. I got to play on quite a few albums including a great disk by Edie DaPonte and another by Maureen Washington. This weekend will see me back at Hermann’s with the Hifi supporting our latest release “on tap”. It is a 5 song EP that we recorded at Joby Bakers.

It sounds great and I will be previewing it on CBC One’s Hot Air program with Margaret Gallagher this Saturday (jan 28th) 5-6pm. We’ll listen to some tracks from the album and a few that I have chosen that I have drawn a lot of inspiration from over the years. It’s always funny when someone asks you to choose 6 songs to listen too out of the bajillion you like.

Anyways you can look at our “on tap” cover here while you listen to the radio and hear tunes from it. Thats some real modern stuff right there 😉

On Tap!.png