We are back in Shijiazhuang (sounds a lot like shi – skatchewan).

Last time we were here you could only see a couple blocks away but today we could see to the mountains.

Keep in mind that this is just a brief glimpse of this small city of 10 million 🙂

We had a clinic at a local “normal” university.

It is always a gas working with young  people who are just starting their careers in music and trying to find words to explain what we do. Like “how do you improvise?” And “what is jazz?”… 

“What do you like about music?”

“Why do you play music?” Stuff that we are still wondering about ourselves 😉

After saying that I have played drums for 32 yrs and I am 45yrs old (audible gasps from the crowd) during the Q&A portion I remarked to Leon our translator “I’m the second oldest thing in China.” He told me that’s not very funny. So I explained that Paul is the oldest and the room broke out. 

Here is a group shot after I think we took individual shots with every one…. I really liked the photo apps that gave us cat ears and whiskers. Ah kids these days 😉

Can you spot the Canadian exchange student?

Now spot the three old dudes 🙂

After the show we went for another amazing hot pot. En route Paul was ravaged by a feral cat in the mall!