Well this is our last date on the tour and what a wicked trip we have had. Made lots of great friends, spread our love of music and ate a lot of killer food!!!

With bellies stuffed with dumplings we played in this gorgeous theatre.

There were a few buildings on this site and these places are simply mind blowing in size!

The crowd was fantastic and I will miss doing shows with so many little kids in the audience. Each night we walk through the crowd giving hi fives, low fives, side fives and the odd hand shake 🙂 so cute!

Anyways here is our crew enjoying our last hot pot…..

 Leon was an amazing road manager and tour guide/ambassador  throughout China! We couldn’t have done it with out him and the great company he works for. I can’t think of any tour I have done where we have been treated so warmly. And I have had many great tours. Wow!

Oh and here is a photo of our waiter tonight……