We had a great night here. The theatre is about the size of the Save On Memorial Victoria Arena except there are three of them in a row. One has a theatre the… Continue reading

Great signs!!!

Okay we have had a few days off in Jilin so I could show you a hundred more shots of delicious food or some of the hilarious signs we have seen. Look out… Continue reading

Tieling to Jilin

I got sent a couple cool shots of our last concert. One of Michael and I walking through the crowd and then one of me on a lovely green drum set 🙂 This… Continue reading


We have now travelled further north to Tieling. It was -3 tonight so the Canadians are finally saying “Okay, it is cold.” This was outside the gig. The show was a gas and… Continue reading


Well after a couple slow days we got back to making some music. First stop was Jinzhou.  Michael got a piano that was so new it was still in plastic wrapping! The show… Continue reading


Yesterday we jumped on the train for a short little ten hour train ride. When we arrived in Shijiazhuang it was straight to diner with the amazing folks who are promoting and putting… Continue reading

Liuzhou -part 2

Now  that the scenery has been taken care of…. onto the reason why we are here. FOOD…. Snail soup! And for dessert one of the tastiest creations ever. Some sort of seven layer… Continue reading


Well the tour is moving along and we just spent the last two days in our most southern location Liuzhou (pronounced Leo- joe). This city is our road manager Leon’s favorite place in… Continue reading

China Tour

Well I haven’t been out on the road for years but I am writing from China on the first show of 15 we will be performing over the next 26 days.  We flew… Continue reading

Damian Graham Trio -CD Release!

Well it has taken me 11 years to put together another solo CD. Time flies when you are having fun! This new acoustic album features music by Stevie Wonder, Irving Berlin, The Red… Continue reading