The Biz… The Music….

Well it is a month into the school term and things are really moving. I started September off by celebrating my 40th year on the planet!!! Yikes!! Anyways there is nothing like working… Continue reading


What can you say that hasn’t been said about this master and forefather of everything we now call jazz…. I stumbled upon this the other day right when I was in need of… Continue reading

Wynton Marsalis and the busiest summer ever!

Wow it is almost September and I am just wondering –how can life fly by so quickly? Looking back at my schedule I realized that in July alone I did 30 gigs with… Continue reading

Ribbon Mic Battle Royal

Aarrgghhh!! That’s the only way I can explain how I have felt with keeping my on-line presence up to date…… Sadly my actual life is to busy for a virtual one….. Which is… Continue reading

Brushes… Brushes…. Brushes….

Well just in case I didn’t make that clear we are going to look at some brush technique. I have always had a fascination with brush playing. As anyone who has ever tried… Continue reading

Creative Composition

Last week on top of my regular gigging and teaching I also held a creative composition class as part of  the Victoria Conservatory of Music’s – Music Discovery Camp. The focus of this course is… Continue reading

June Wrap Up……

Well June went by in a flash and was a great month for playing and hearing live music in Victoria. I had 26 shows with 10 different groups and continued teaching my students… Continue reading

Top Five Picks for Jazzfest 2010…

Well since I was 14 years old I have been going to the Victoria Jazzfest to check out some amazing groups…… I can remember so many great shows – local super-star Josh Dixon… Continue reading

Video Of The Week

Well I have to get a bit better at this or I will have to change the title to video of the month….. I have been busy trying to get my website updated… Continue reading

Video of the week…

Well this is a bit dorky but I get sent great stuff from people all of the time and I figured I should start posting something interesting each week……. I also have some… Continue reading