China Tour

Well I haven’t been out on the road for years but I am writing from China on the first show of 15 we will be performing over the next 26 days. 

We flew into Beijing and Paul and I went for a stroll to Tiananmen Square then off for some fine food.

This morning we headed to Wuhan via train.

It really moves along!! And yes it tells you how fast you are traveling!

Oh and you get some great snacks…

Yeah I added those captions… good use of train time. The ride was incredible and the sheer scale of everything in China is something to behold.

We arrived in Wuhan:

And we started in on what I suspect will be the main focus of our trip.


So good….

Oh yeah and here is the gig. We are in a beautiful new theatre built in a traditional style. 

Day one almost complete. Just need to go out for some more food!