Ribbon Mic Battle Royal


That’s the only way I can explain how I have felt with keeping my on-line presence up to date…… Sadly my actual life is to busy for a virtual one….. Which is good but it is nice to keep up with both… I will do a giant year in revue posting next but until then I want to share my latest fun in the world of recording.

Now I have been recording music for over two decades… Recording/Mixing/Editing/Artworking/Releasing around a dozen independent CDs under my own name and with other groups…. I usually rent/borrow gear from close friends and supporters and camp out somewhere for a few days to make another disk…. I have traded drumming work for studio time and basically done whatever I can to get the music out there….. Like a lot of things recording can cost you big money. And when you listen to some people talk it sounds like you need $50,000 to just get a good demo recorded… Ignore those people…. Put your money in a tin and make the best out of what you have…. Some of my favorite albums are ones that don’t “sound” like a million dollars… The most important thing is to jut do it and learn learn learn…..

So in that vain here is a little shoot out I did between a $800 ribbon mic and a $100 one…..

For the connoisseur of recording the ribbon sound is responsible for some great music (think Al Jackson Jr or Ringo Stars drums…) and today thanks to China we can all now afford one. Easy to damage but hard to replicate the ribbon mic can be best described as fresh honey drizzled on sun ripened strawberries… Smooth!!!

I happened to have two cool ones to try… A $800 Royer 101 and a $100 Apex 205.. So what does that extra $700 get you???